Half moon street

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  1. Posted June 22, 2024 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

    Half moon street;
    People meet and greet, going about their business this and that, stopping now and again for a quick chat, it’s funny you know these days it’s very cosmopolitan,
    People from all over very colorful and Neapolitan, it’s good to know the basics of being polite in different tongues, not like when I was young, us jackeens were the ones who were foreigners in our own land, culchies didn’t like us and would dismiss us out of hand,
    West brits is what they called, many times I tried to get over the wall and falled, but in these times with many people from different lands, you’d think for us things would be grand, they could aim their scorn at someone else, but no things will always be the same, being a culchie with land is the name of the game, but the hate is never returned, I did once and got seriously burned, however, half moon street is where I live, the people around always give, no judgment is made, even though some are as black as a spade.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    31/5/24. 11.20 am.

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