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    Valiant ;-
    Where did I leave my tent ? , hell bent ,
    north by northwest, pencil that in , with a sketch ,
    lousy wretch, but you keep tryin, I ain’t lie in ,
    my but what is it with you ? You act like I knew !
    Not on your Nellie , you see it on telly ,
    every time, same old quarters, lambs to the slaughters,
    not a whimper, nothing could be simpler, but wait !
    I hear the sound , of the lost and found, –
    in the beat of the drum , how far I have come ,
    through snow and ice , not very nice,
    My all the time friend, scars heal and mend,
    memories grow closer and yet,, still driven,
    with the need to prosper, ignore the gossiper ,
    base on fact, be real don’t act,
    it’s just how I feel, monochrome,
    take me home.
    Anthony MC Gann.

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