My name is Anthony Mc Gann and I live in Balgrifin Co Dublin.

I was inspired as a child of ten or eleven, while on a visit to a local Doctor as I was always in and out of doctors surgeries complaining of pains in my belly,- thumbing through a magazine I came across as I know now, Picasso’s” Guernica ” and I somehow knew there was a God as it seemed to depict the life I was living in great detail and there’s me thinking no one gives a shit after all and an image communicates more to me than the written word, it is my first language.

So began a lifelong quest to try to understand what it was about Picasso’s work that had such an effect on me, it is so other worldly so extreme and so different than anything I had ever seen, then and since.

Forty years on and I am beginning to understand. We can and we have the abillity to connect into something greater than what we percieve in our everyday lives. There is a power out there, greater than we can imagine. The search goes on day after day without cease it is and will always be my lifes work , to create to paint images from my mind to give vent to my creativity , my home , my studio, my world, I love to paint and so it goes on it’s 26/4/2016 And I have been to hell and back I think of that saying you suffer for your art, how much more can I take I bear the scars all over my body from my battle wounds and it has been a long battle. I shall keep going with my destiny which is to paint images signposts if you like from the rocky road I walk and will continue to walk until death us do part.