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    Mid winter day and the sky is grey with
    A mist hanging in the air,
    There’s not much reason for content
    Except maybe I’m alive so let’s be fair,
    The damp gets deep, right through to
    My bones making me shiver,
    My feet are wet and all of my clothes
    Are damp, nothing for me to do but quiver,
    But I don’t stand still and stay stuck
    On a certain spot,
    Getting more wet by the minute then
    After a while, just to fall and rot,
    I quicken my pace with a destination
    In mind,
    My only wish is that I manage somehow
    To find,
    A bench in the shade of an old oak tree,
    A tree that’s been there since the beginning of time,
    I am the only person in this world who knows
    Of its existence, so I call it mine,
    It’s where I go to talk and discuss things
    With my friends who are there,
    They sit beside me and on every branch
    Singing away without a care,
    I close my eyes and listen to what they
    Are saying, “come enter our world if you dare”
    So I drift away and go to where the sound
    Is leading me,
    Right into the heart and soul of this gracious
    And everlasting tree,
    A place where it’s warm with no feeling
    Of been alive at all,
    But I am alive and feeling so strong and proud
    And standing so very tall,
    The a ray of heat lightens on my face, a heat so strong my heart begins to race,
    Then I open my eyes and notice I am
    In a different world,
    A sunny day with a warming breeze and all around is swaying as if a new dimension has unfurled,
    So I get to my feet and start slowly down the hillside,
    Into this magical hamlet with all my spirits
    By my side.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 19/12/2016.10.50am.

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