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    Pilgrims Progress;-
    The more flawed the personality the steeper the climb as he ponders the sublime, the passport to peace, he dreams without cease, of what could be and what came to pass, go and kiss my ass, away with you now, don’t hinder my way, that’s all I have to say,

    Progress is slow, I’ve a way to go, does it show, not as young or half as fit, it’s starting to hurt a little bit, Hope, sometimes is all you got, I say to the lord, forget me not, I need to stop now and bathe my feet, they get a little sore, my life on view from every pore,

    Go now but don’t bid farewell, hold on now !” I’ve a story to tell”, maybe I could make a buck, with a bit of luck , Now, I’m just holding on to what I’ve got, it’s not a lot, a creative mind, all I do is take a peek, seek and you shall find.
    Anthony MC Gann.

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