Blackbirds and Watermelons

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    Blackbirds and Watermelons;
    I’m not a felon, but someone left a watermelon cut into segments, by the pavement on the grass, come and get me, you don’t have to ask, twas at the rear, behind the gaffs, early morning by the bay, nothing to hear but birdsong and smiling waves on the shore, I came across this prize, enormous size, with a blackbird pecking away, breakfast is served, go ahead, make my day, the early bird they say, I had to laugh, his beak all red, overspill right to the top of his head, minutes I waited for what happens next ! My word but he became perplexed, noticing I was watching close, he stood on his tippy toes and stared me down, so I left him to his nosh,
    Checking I had the dosh, off to the coffee shop around the corner, for my nicotine intake, saying to myself,
    “” This is the life for fuck sake “”
    Anthony Mc Gann.
    20/5/24. 19.44.

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