Bleak Day


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    Dark and Bleak

    02 February 2017

    It was a cold and wet and a very damp January day,
    Feeling down so I went to the park for a walk,
    No one about so off I went, head down thinking
    Nothing to do with myself but talk,
    As always there was plenty to listen to as the
    Birds went about there business, it was spring after all,
    They had plenty to talk about, and plenty to talk to,
    As for me, there was no one to answer my call,
    So I kept on walking and decided to take a turn,
    Into the undergrowth, beneath the trees, as this provided
    A bit of shelter from the rain,
    My feet were getting wet, my pants were damp,
    There didn’t seem to be an end to my pain,
    I kept on walking with as always, hope in my heart,
    Round the next turn, you never know, I could find the answer
    Or the idea for a brand new start,
    Well what do you know, but as I lifted my head to climb
    Over a long ago fallen tree,
    Right there in front of me with there heads bowed
    Was a bright patch of snow drops, I said to them,
    “you will never know how happy you have made me”
    So out of my pack I took my pad and started to draw,
    Saying to myself, this is the most beautiful sight I ever saw,
    I took my time and enjoyed this moment with my little mates,
    Went off home, very happy paying homage to faith.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 30/1/2017. 11.34am.

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