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    Road Kill;
    Each day I drive down the road to my job,
    It breaks my heart to see the little creatures lying dead on the shoulder there lives been robbed,
    Nobody bothers to give a moment of there day,
    To remember these little creatures when they kneel to prey,
    It’s just another creature who got in the way,
    Of the busy traffic going on its way,
    But lend me your ear because I have a sad lament,
    About mans indifference to these Little creatures which are heaven sent,
    It matters not, living creature large or small,
    To care not for taking life will lead to tales tall,
    For we are part of this wonderful world ,
    And these little creatures are our kin, as they lie dead on the shoulder curled,
    So if we are losing our sensitivity even in such a small way,
    It points to the future when we will become lifeless and hard I regret to say,
    So if that’s the way this humanity is going,
    Maybe it’s best to carry on without knowing.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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