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    With the flowers and fauna, direct to the source, of course,
    Out of body, to fly and float, not a mere sign of a boat, space the eternal vacuum, with no beginning and no end,
    There is a plan, on that you can depend,
    So here I am staring at the fireball,
    It’s in total eclipse, where I stand is within the umbra and penumbra,
    Shadows, meadows, all hang in the balance, not by chance,
    We find ourselves here, for those who don’t make it , let’s give them a cheer,
    Dancing at the crossroads,
    Bullshit we have loads,
    Unless we connect again,
    Because the sword is mightier than the pen,
    Here we go again, endless war,
    Dead bodies by the score,
    Inevitably it will turn to wilderness,
    Management couldn’t care less,
    But I won’t stress, they know what’s Bess,
    In the words of the song,
    Let it be.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    19/2/24. 5am.

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