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    Heaven is a word we use to describe a place,
    A place where we feel at one with natures bliss,
    There’s a mistaken delusional idea, that you can only reach this wonderland when you die,
    I beg to differ, as I have been to heaven on this beautiful spring morning, I tell no lie,
    I walked among the tree’s, the sun beaming through the empty branches, my mind empty of all thoughts as I just strolled along listening,
    Then an aura seemed to surround me and it lifted me off the ground, the sound of the bird song filled the space around me, it turned my body into mist,
    Beckoning my soul to enter another world,, I went as I could not resist,
    My heart imploded as my mind and soul dissipated into the eternal ether that was this place,
    Images began to form as I reached out my hand, to touch my eternal resting place,
    But it withdrew as if to say, now is not the time,
    I began to fall until a cold wind brought me to my senses,
    I opened my eye’s, I could see through my misted lenses,
    That heaven was here and now, in this place so filled with grace,
    I gave thanks, packed up my satchel and headed to my local
    Starbucks for my morning delight,
    A tall skinny latte to enjoy with my special cigar called PICASSO.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 11/3/2017

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