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    Street finch1 :-
    I get by, all you can do is try, food sometimes is hard to find, but take a look at me, I’m one of a kind, street wise, I’m one of the guys, thrown out of the nest, with the rest, mutual respect, show no fear or they will detect, a sense of being, to be free, I beg of thee, try to understand, I hold out my hand, for you to shake, are you on the make? Don’t hinder my progress, I’m back from the dead no less, to get to the gate, of love and hate, to fall,, I call,, open up and let me in, or do I commit one more sin, autumn of my years now, the world weighs heavy on my brow, so keep on walking, it’s just me doing all the talking.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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