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    He should be forgiven and praise, from the ashes he did raise,
    an idea of wanting to belong, in the words of a song,
    live and let live, give when you can give,
    then let go, you so and so, breathe in the billowing curtain, one thing for certain,
    Godfrey play by the rule , he no mans fool, so cool the jets, no pets,
    just him and his plot, in the land that time forgot,
    to be part of something new, with many there’s a few,
    who will stand for what’s best, forget the rest,
    but Godfrey is lost, counting the cost, of losing a fight, that faithful night,
    just listen to what he has to say, it’s always been this way ,
    freedom of speech, just out of reach,
    don’t pick the forbidden fruit, in my blue suit,
    Godfrey talks to the birds, nuts by two thirds,
    just let Godfrey be, he be ok you’ll see.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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