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    A Kip :-
    A small word with two meanings, either way I have leanings, towards using it a lot to explain the circumstances, you sometimes got to take chances, one way is you feel tired and in need of forty winks, got to find somewhere to have a Kip, on the other hand, in this fair land, you end up somewhere that’s not to your like, so you turn on your heels and take a hike, to explain you just say it’s a Kip, from the top of you lip, meaning it’s akin to a dump, in my throat there is a lump, but you got to say what you think, like kicking up a stink, so remember the word, Kip, it’s has a powerful meaning, so off I go, head off for a Kip to a Kip, from the cauldron of the ID, I took a sip.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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