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    Since the dawning of mankind,
    Since he walked into the garden,
    I beg your pardon, he drew and colored
    The animals he and her were hunting and owed their existence to, they merely outlined the shapes on their cave wall,
    Life in the shadows,
    Let’s take a walk in the meadows,
    Imagination, let’s talk while we walk,
    It’s what separates us,
    From the many who strive for domination,
    We imagine things then make them happen,
    Imagination is a space that is infinite,
    No limit, once you’re in it,
    You can’t stop,
    Every action has a reaction,
    We create in one hand and destroy with the other, what about mother ?
    She is hurting but trying,
    Before us our path is lying,
    It leads to the end, just around the next bend,
    Every living thing needs food in order just to live,
    We are taking her food right from her mouth,
    Not beyond her to give us a clout,
    Back to the past, to learn that Civilizations don’t last, no matter how strong they think they are, there’s a power , from here not far,
    To call a halt, it will by default,
    Recover, us it must smother,
    Before the point of no return,
    Meantime the candle does burn,
    Listen to nature cry, then ask the eternal question, why oh why, the answer is in the sky.
    Anthony Mc Gann.
    25/12/24, 5am.

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