Loose Threads

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    Loose Threads;
    Broken beds, pillows lost there use, blankets tattered and torn, feet smell, arse always itchy, dandruff falls like snow, blackheads fill the fields,
    My last potato I peeled, my medication not fit for purpose, gotta eat, week old meat, where’s me bog roll ?

    Sunrise on another day, coffee by the sea, just the birds and me, friends as well , always great to join in on the chat,
    Wearing my new hat, white shoes, plenty of tobacco and skins, who dares wins,
    Happy to be alive, how in hell’s name did I survive ? Talk about rocky ! Life on an estate is rough and tough, someday you say “ enough is enough “ sick of this stuff, then go,

    To end up, at the beginning again,
    Looking for assistance with an air of insistence, got to live, gave all I could give, never enough, sometimes more is too much, such and such is out of commission, took to the bed, not right in the head, won’t be long now, bury another, before time, lost their shine very soon , wear and tear muscles torn back broken, better off now, no more stress, in eternity they can ress.

    Anthony Mc Gann
    13/5/24. 16.57.

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