Love and Hate

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    On the fence, hence they don’t understand, I raise my hand,
    Please listen to what I have to say,
    Hey, they kicked my head over and over and smashed my skull, fragments of which cut into my brain, I’m going insane, neurosurgeon drilled a hole, bless my soul, to let go the blood, this all happened in the hood, jealousy was the motive, the hate came at me like a locomotive, half an hour from heaven’s gate, but it’s not in me to hate, forgiveness is the key, can’t you see, they want to drag you down to their level, like a snake which within dwells the devil, but I refuse to go that low, I believe you reap what you sow, my seeds are of love , heaven’s above,
    Which grow into trees of life, not forgetting my wife, by my side, as I did slip and slide, to try and recover, with god’s grace and the love of my mother , brothers and sisters and daughter as well, helped me from passing through the gates of hell, but now here I stand a different man, always ready to do what I can, to help those who may have the same, damage to their brain, which is as complex as the hard drive on a rocket ship, but as well as the highs you get the dips, taking each day as it comes, do the sums, just glad to be alive, it’s only from society’s help I did survive , so let me finish on this note, that when it comes time to vote, place your bet on honesty and truth, when you enter the booth.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    15/6/24. 04:56

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