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    The world is black and white to this fella,
    One colour he ain’t and that’s yella,
    Anything that’s going he will have a go,
    He’s never on a go slow,
    Staying alive is all that’s on his mind,
    Showing empathy ! He’s not that kind,
    Gota keep going, where to find my next meal,
    Only eat when the hunger pains he might feel,
    But wait a minuite, there’s beauty there,
    In the game of life he plays a part,
    Picking up the pieces and that’s just a start,
    It’s either a lie or the truth,
    One thing he can’t stand is a spoof,
    Fly through the roof,
    Then breath in the open air,
    Have you a tenner you could spare.
    Anthony Mc Gann

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