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    Absent minded me ;
    Silly dopey me , there I go again , forget me not , I forgot the lot , lost in a world of my own , it’s summertime in nature all around everything has grown , I thank God for the birds the joy they bring me I can’t put into words , they talk a language that goes so far back in time , it’s not beautiful but sublime , letting me know I am not alone , touching me right down to the bone , but its the swifts to me, are masters of the sky , swooping diving twisting and turning with such precision , I’ve made the decision , if on return, if I’m lucky enough , although it may be tough , I want to be one of their kind , because diving deep into the pool of life , you really don’t know what you may find , all you can do is hope , that when you slip and fall down the slippery slope , that you’re spirit is the right colour , because your in the arms of earth mother , who beholds a love like no other ,that she deems you worthy, to go back , after mouthing the words , ” what’s the craic “.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    7/7/24. 07:09.

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