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    I walked up a steep hill, With my mind in sharp focus, When I notice a flower, Wishing I was a bee, Feeling warm in the sunshine, Surrounded by the color green.

    My coat was a dark shade of green, As my path leads down the hill, Making the most of the available sunshine, My eyes start lose their focus, Burning in my head with the sunshine, Feeling a longing for the scent of a flower.

    The image in my head is that of a flower, As I enter the space of the village green, There is nowhere else I would rather be, Though my legs hurt from walking up the hill, Like a camera that is out of focus, Sweating profusely in the warm sunshine.

    My face starts to burn in the sunshine, Turning the color of a summer flower, At moments like these I lose my focus, And all I see is the color green, A bus passes me going down the hill, As I notice a passing Honey Bee.

    What is the question? To be or not to be? In order to grow we need lots of sunshine, For exercise you need to run up a hill, There is no flower like a cut flower, As in forty shades of green, The distant mountain is out of focus.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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