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    laurels :-
    A waste of time, I’ve been to the shrine, scared out my wits, I even got the shits, anxiety in ever increasing circles, round and round, from the tree tops to the ground, paste on my face a smile, meanwhile I can’t let go, fear is the word, not wanting to be absurd, but listen, to the raindrops falling from my eyes, as well as from the skies, it’s a state of mind, society can be unkind, but wait for a while, you’ll notice a smile, yes broken, not outspoken, quiet reserve, you’ve got a nerve, to suggest, I’m a pest, so hopefully time will tell, what’s that smell? Falling leaves, pages from my sketch book, does anyone care to take a look, no matter, my life’s a tatter, farewell for now, I’ll make it somehow.
    Anthony Mc Gann

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