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    This Nobody is somebody;-
    I’m working class , So you can go kiss my ass, coz I got attitude , I’m a street dude , born and raise , I give thanks and praise , to the one , for helping me through, my battles and fights, sleepless nights, now I walk tall , down the street with a bounce in my stride, mr dignified , obviously a confident chap , fell once had a mishap, hurt his head , about that , less said, gota lota help from good people to get me where I am, all part of my master plan , to be somebody , I was always nobody , the world needs to hear my voice , it’s not as if I have a choice , I’ve made it back from eternitys door , this I swore, to highlight what society can do when asked for help, to assist, in recovery to get well, my soul I would sell , to highlite what’s good in this life we call living, my thanks I’m always giving.
    Anthony MC Gann.

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