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    This is own, he is a bit worried about the future, the case of the assault which nearly ended his life, inches from death, has gone to the high court to see if he is entitled to be compensated for loss of earnings, the injury to his brain was severe and as such he is not capable of doing his job which he loved and the money was good, but as he has no memory of the incident due to the injury the thugs who beat him have it all there own way, it’s in the hands of the gods and he has little faith in the justice system.

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    I sit on the fence, hence, I won’t be ignored, You see, own goal I scored, Damn and blast, A second look is all I asked, I slipped and was pipped at the post, Done better than most! Sorry, sorry, always sorry, looking like a right good Wally, But never mind always tomorrow, Have you a dream I could borrow? Mine got lost along the way, May I say?” History repeats” with treasures lost and never found, Lying deep and dark underground, So deep with no trace, Paint an image my Saving grace, Blank expression on my face, Staring into space, No time to waste, Copy and paste! Ambition is a word seldom heard, My mind was spared, The killing blow I was prepared, Crumble pie, Why oh why ?
    Anthony MC Gann.

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