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    Phoenix ;-
    By the time I get to Phoenix I’ll be wasted, Lessons in love I have tasted, The roads I have walked, Conversations talked, All lead to wear and tear, Thinning hair and burdens to bear, To weigh you down, Pulling you back, Your mind loses track, Age catches up, Time the wayfarer, To take a rest, He’s done his best, But failed to make the grade, Beginning to fade,
    But never say die, To fear, the words,” bye bye “, Blue sky and blossoms of every colour, lift the mood, Get some food, One day at a time, Will have it’s way, Follow the signs, Treatment designs, I have a say, Bill’s to pay, Keeping depression at bay, my daily pills, to cure my ills, A pleasant routine, with gratitude I’m not mean, Phoenix is inside, no more running looking for places to hide, Don’t laugh at me, because I’m a fool , as I always play by the rule, judge not lest ye be judged.
    Anthony MC Gann.

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