Please Sir

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    Please Sir;
    Can I have a few bob ? Lost me job,
    Scrimping and scraping I the forsaken,
    The starling has lost a leg, the nest dropped an egg,
    as well as that there’s a big fat cuckoo sitting on my chest,
    Not one for budging, I’ll become a boil on his arse,
    to keep the reminder, one thing I’m not, is a farce,
    Different folks different strokes ,
    I stroke canvas and page with my brushes and pencils,
    I sometimes use a stencil, a strange path I walk, a lot of times balk,
    shake and shudder when I talk I stutter, just to be as,
    like great men in past years, who showed the world,
    there are different viewpoints according to tribe, on this earth and its wonders,
    As I speak another clap of thunder,
    It has feelings and emotions too,
    To connect and listen to what is being said,
    I shall continue my journey,
    even though I have lost my head.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    14/5/24. 05.00.

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