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    Finding my way home;
    Like a dog with a bone, I am finally making my way home, I see it in the distance, calling me to come, just follow the sun, my day will come,
    Once home, twice I‘m alone, three times a fool, I broke the golden rule,
    Loose the chains, goodbye to the pains,
    Then to recognize, a familiar face,
    I slow my pace, meet and greet,
    It wasn‘t a case of me showing my conceit, but in all humility, I assured myself that I have the ability, to make it, it‘s going to be tough getting over that final mountain, but my thoughts lay in the fact that I may drink from the fountain, of youth,
    It‘s the truth, I kid you not, the land that time forgot, just passing through,
    Or should I say it‘s not a land but a place, way way out into the farthest reaches of space, a place with no beginning and no end, it just is,
    Sounds the biz,
    To be or not to be that is the question,
    Time, that’s the answer,
    Rhythm is a dancer,
    Back to the deepest bass, pick up the high hat, then to wait for the riff, be back in a jiff,
    Music is the transport, all aboard, the train now leaving from platform nine,
    Is heading south, stopping here there and about, No need to twist and shout,
    Turn left at the blue lagoon, be getting there soon,
    In the meantime be grateful for what you got, the country where your born means a lot, some are lucky some are not,
    Luck be a lady tonight, partake in the pleasures of Rome,
    Because this very little soul is on his way home.

    Anthony Mc Gann
    30/3/24. 03:32

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