Red Admiral

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    Nobody wants you when you lose;-
    But I refuse to accept defeat, as long as I still stand on my feet, keep pushing on, tomorrow I could be gone, but what if ? It never happened! What if ? I should get another chance ! Alas it is not to be, I accept my losing streak, if I was a bird I’d be the one without a beak, banging my skull onto the hard rock ground, between my ears is hollow, you can hear the thumping sound , so not much more I can do to hope for a place, I was overran left to be last in the race, art is my voice in word and image, you can witness my struggle my pilgrimage, to find the end of it all, but there’s no one there to catch me should I happen to fall. Into the wilderness I call, send me a friend, bridges were burned walking the road with only one bend, that leans over the edge of the precipice, so easy does it, nice and slow, I’m getting old ye know.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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