Red Cap


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    It was a cold and wet January morning, but as is the habit of a lifetime you have to go to work in the morning, so off I went with my kit in my backpack, I went to the demesne as it is full of inspiration no matter what time of year, I was not having much luck trying to find something to sketch, something of interest, but as I am not the kind of man to give up I kept searching getting colder by the minute, then walking down the pathway I was drawn to go into the undergrowth and after a while with my feet getting very wet I came across these beauties in the undergrowth, it was the colour that caught my eye, absolutely stunned by there perfection I took out my black sketch book and chalk pastels and took my time capturing this image as I always think it best to work off a sketch while painting as the image seems to form from the moment you start to minutely study the object while sketching, I am very happy with the resulting painting, I suppose I could call it never give up hope in finding beauty in nature as it is always there you just have to look that bit harder, I found the name through google and there called “little elf caps” because of there con-cave structure, I have put a price of 450 euro as I think that is fair, there are a few layers as I wanted to share the joy these little fella’s gave me when I found them. Thank you.

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