Shape shift

Oil painting

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    Shape shift;

    As I sat on my seat one morning, listening intently
    to the birds all around me declaring there territory,
    All engrossing, each of the different species talking
    there own language, the combination of which,
    cannot be put into words,
    so as to try and describe what happened I have
    painted this image and used the words shape shift ,
    to describe what went on, soon I was gone,
    as they were talking to me, or so it felt,
    so I blended and started to melt, taking part,
    adding my own song to the symphony,
    to my surprise I started to rise, took rest on a perch,
    filled with wonder at the surrounding cacophony,
    splendid as it was, very soon I had to pause,
    realising this is not my place, I touched my face,
    looking down at the seat where I draw and sketch,
    there I was sitting and taking a stretch,
    in an instant I hit home with a wallop,
    dazed and chilled, I packed up my satchel,
    headed off home in a bit of a gallop.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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