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    Shadow Lands;-
    Were all is still, silhouettes are all you see, until, you try to speak, “please hear me I am one of the meek”, I am not here by choice, I seem to have lost my voice, The shadows surround me, not a sound, I concentrate on my breathing, my feet on solid ground, closer and closer still, I am losing my mind and I will, get back to life, just to carry on, getting by day to day, bills to pay, making my way, through the labyrinth of existing in mankind, I’ve got to find, A space to call my own, I shall reap the seeds that I have sown, Standing tall, loud as anything I call, let me go I must return ,I have a life to live out of these shadows and gloom, I wake up to find I am back in my room, Dreams sometimes they can be so real, So lucid you can touch and feel, whatever lye’s beyond, in the eye of your mind, look and you shall find, Or is it just I am one of a kind.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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