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    We try;
    Life’s not easy and for some it’s harder still,
    Every days a struggle as they try to climb an ever steeper hill, why should this be? I often ask the question,
    Now I think I know and would like to make a suggestion,
    That people should try harder to understand, And not dismiss out of hand, That we are not all the same, Mental health is important to play life’s game,
    I think sensitivity has a lot to do with it,
    Some people feel things more deeply and in there hearts they are hit,
    By the little things that others would just shrug off and not give a shit,
    But when you feel things at a level deep, It can hurt you bad and even make you weep,
    So spare a thought for the precious few, That a good opportunity is long overdue, That they should be listened to, on what they need to say, That they have a part in society to play, They won’t be fobbed off or pushed aside, lend an ear and they will confide, in you how tough it can be, Just to get by when you don’t have the key.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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