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    SAM ;-
    And what you left behind, I’m not blind, I can see, sweet harmony , well I’ll be, temples tall made of stone, put together with muscle and bone, destination love in all it’s wonder, let no man put asunder, belief that there be a guide, always by your side, thick and thin, where do I begin ? At the beginning, where all stories end, on that you can depend,
    circles and ditches with a corbelled roof and entrance, within a sanctuary you go into a trance, giving thanks and praise, energy rises you begin to fade, going deeper in a cascade, your spirit separates and rises, it has many disguises, one is that of a clown, wave bye bye on your way down, to meet and greet the fire, that burned and gave birth to you, under the sun there’s nothing new, but me, can’t you see, let me be as I encounter the keymaker , soul forsaker , dream breaker , fuck saker, “bang” I awake and listen, the stars in the night sky glisten, time can tell, that all is well, but Sam is older than you think by at least ten thousand years, if he could now see his garden it would bring him to tears, but it will run it’s course, a horse is a horse of course of course.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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