Sunday Driver

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    Sunday Driver ;
    He’s just a survivor, takes his time , follows the rules , doesn’t speed around like some of the other fools , in my rear view mirror I observe , don’t for the life of me know how they’ve got the nerve,
    As they turn and swerve, with there puffed up cheeks and furious faces,
    Trying to overtake , for god almighty’s sake, I’m keeping to the limit,
    As set down by the law, all they can say is haw fucking haw,
    It’s the rules of the road as far as they are concerned ,but for them getting from A to B at top speed, ignore the rules , there for fools,
    Always in a bloody hurry, farting out the window last nights curry,
    But you know sometimes they come a cropper, because down the road is a copper, oh yeah they slam on the brakes, whatever it takes,
    Forgetting the harm they might cause to the driver behind,
    But so what, there two of a kind, always in a hurry murry,
    I’m a long time on the road now and have learned my lessons well,
    By the way I drive sure you can tell, I take my time keeping a close eye,
    Not speeding around with my head in the sky, accidents don’t happen,
    They are caused, So let’s have it a round of applause, for those who obey the rules, for behind the wheel sits a man with a cause,
    To get his no claims bonus on his insurance quote, so for you lads and lassies please take note.
    Anthony Mc Gann.
    7/7/24. 18.08

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