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    As soon as they arrive, the will to stay alive, means more food, keep it coming, mother spends every hour night and day attending to there needs, which means more feeds, the bigger they get, the more they fret, she’s on the move again the chicks have grown so they follow, every patch of green every hollow, searching with great intent the elusive earthworms, a bit of protein good for the bones , the merest of sound or vibration she hones, all the time under the torment of the begging chicks, they have her licked, but she keeps going, stabbing the ground with her pointed beak, feeling touching sometimes with luck, then straight to the begging chick, keep on looking searching for more, so great is the need, of them chicks she has to feed, until the time they fly away and on and on it goes, year after year since the dawn of time, until the sun sets, place your bets, to finally outgrow, demand overshadows in the darkest grey, the supply, that’s the way it goes, so stay on your toes.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    23/5/24. 04.58.

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