Web of Deceit

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    Superficial ;
    Looks good on the surface , but still water’s run deep , you pay the price if your caught asleep , be careful of the undertow , or down that river you will flow , out to sea , never again will you be seen , all because you fell , for the charms of the one they call the queen , ruler of all she surveys , you think you’re smart but hey she’s got her ways , she’ll talk softly and appeal to your manhood , but listen fool remember the flood , a tsunami of tears from men who fell from grace , all stooped over with heads down and a tormented face , holding their dick in their hand , trying to understand , all it took was five minutes of pleasure , to end up in a place so lonely within a solitude so great you can’t measure , walking around it’s easy to notice those whom i mention , I’m not pouring scorn or pity , that’s not my intention , but if you want to be led around by the neck on a lead , then go ahead , it’s like dogs when they meet they’ll sniff each others arse , the pussy is presented and the scent and form draws you In , but in the end your just an ass , animal instincts so many fall prey , because if you fertilise the seed , under her control is where your going to stay , love goes out the door , your pride will stay on the floor , to be trod on underfoot , all I have to say is tut tut.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    9/7/24. 06:20.

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