What ever happened to

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    Whatever happened to the age of Aquarius ? ;
    Lost and forgotten I suppose, I remember the prose,
    Love and happiness they said.
    A brotherhood of man,
    I cannot imagine such a thing,
    Trying hard as I can,
    It cannot be to ever take place,
    Not a trace in the DNA,
    But hang on there a minute,
    In some of us it is present,
    Iv‘e never shot a pheasant,
    If it flies it dies they say ,
    Not knowing that there will come a day,
    when they will say, “ someone just shot me in the arse “
    Freedom has a price,
    The details of which are not very nice,
    But maybe someday !
    A long way from here,
    In this the age of fear ,
    We can become, worshippers of the Sun.
    Anthony Mc Gann

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