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  1. Posted July 10, 2024 at 6:49 am | Permalink

    Low pressure ;
    Mid summer and the skies are grey , non stop rain but who am I to say , north easterly wind pushing the waves onto the shore , soaked to the skin and what’s more , the winter woolys were put away months ago , but with air temperatures so low its back to the bottom drawer I’m afraid I’ve got to go , I can’t for the life of me explain this inclement weather , but I’m at the end of me teather , tee shirts and shorts and new trainers , were all a waste of money also I’m a low earner , but let’s be hopeful that in autumn the weather will improve , or its off to sunnier climes I gota move , the cold hurts me and causes me pain , so please god in heaven stop the blasted rain .
    Anthony Mc Gann
    10/7/24 . 08: 21 .

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