Angel on your shoulder

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    Angel on your shoulder;
    Another year older, mountains to climb, damn that swine, what’s mine is mine, Bill’s to pay, what more can I say ?
    Wore out, down and done, times were there was fun,
    But I’ve always got my friend on my shoulder, like me he’s getting older, but he steers me right giving me advice, it’s not as if I have a choice, he’s right inside my ear talking slowly all the time, with who to dine, where to go, when to opt for a no show, rest is best, lie down for an hour, rebuild my power, wake and off I go, always solo, just the two of us, he’s invisible don’t you see, he can only be seen by me , never on my own, don’t need a phone, he-the guide I’m just along for the ride, he’s very wise and enchanted, thousands of seeds of love we have planted, Santa has helpers, well so does God, all you do is ask, to talk of
    your task, help is always on hand, united all, in the chaos we stand,
    We look and sound of love, with mother earth below, with the guiding all loving God above,
    Naught left to say but there will come a day.

    Anthony Mc Gann.

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