Cold Heart

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    Cold Heart;
    Where do I start,
    He has no love, with him it’s all push and shove, he was never given or showed or felt what love is, so the fault is not all his,
    But he has to take the blame,
    You know his name,
    Crush kill destroy, another broken toy, another life destroyed,
    Another case of evil intent, when he said he loved ! He lied,
    Don’t be fooled by the charm,
    That flows from under every arm,
    Or the nod and the wink,
    When he farts they stink,
    Poor little delicate flower though,
    Thinks she got it made and has fallen under his spell, a one way ticket to the gates of hell,
    With pain on every turn and bend,
    Wicked torment has no end,
    We’ll have to leave it to karma,
    Pay another trip to the pharma.

    Anthony Mc Gann.

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