That mask you wear

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    Hold no power :
    Regarding women , they hold no power over me , to me there akin to the weeping banshee , look but please don’t touch , you won’t temp me thank you very much , walk on by I wouldn’t bat a lid , didn’t you know I’m Billy the kid , back in time I fell , the scars on my face couldn’t you tell , once bitten twice shy , with your shape hair and makeup , god knows you try , but your charms are but a trick , take a second look , do you think I’m thick , I’m well aware of the game you play , stand still and listen to what I’m about to say , if it’s a dog you want to follow you about , to obey your commands even to twist and shout , then go to the pet store and get yourself a wimp , to sit on your lap and walk with a gimp , lick your fanny like a good little boy , to you it be just a walking talking bran new toy , so go ahead with make up and your long curly hair , because in the game of love let’s be fair , just because you bring new life Into this world , doesn’t give you the right to treat your man like a nappy unfurled , shitting in his face pissing on his pride , so off with you now coz me as a proud man have nothing to hide , that mask you wear , looks pretty in pink , but behind it all lies the most dreadful stink .
    Anthony Mc Gann
    8/7/24 10:30 am

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