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    Winter cold Bites right down to the bone
    as the leaves Fall like rain from the trees,
    No birds around to sing their song
    As I am going weak to my knees,
    My bodies extremities so cold I have
    Fear they will fall like the leaves,
    I should have bought the thermal undies
    But with no money I think
    I should have stole them, like them thieves,
    But I never take what is not mine
    Unless I can pay the price,
    I am paying now with it been so very cold
    A good warm coat now that would be nice,
    All is quiet on this winters day with no
    Sound but for my sniffling nose,
    I will just have to walk at a faster pace
    To pump the blood and make it race,
    Around my cold and withered limbs
    And up to my worn out hands,
    Not to worry I will soon be home
    To light the fire with it’s warming glow
    And there forever I will stand.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 18/11/2016.

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