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    Dark clouds gather overhead and with a chill wind that causes
    Me to shiver,
    The rustle of the leaves in the trees puts me in mind of
    Sitting close to a river,
    All around me falls quiet the calm before the storm,
    I sit still and wait as this is not the norm,
    Then comes the clap so loud making me feel a little bit tense,
    At this time of year it doesn’t make sense,
    Then a bolt comes flashing hitting ground not far from
    Where I sit,
    At this point the heavens open and the rain starts to roar,
    Such torrents that it soaks’ my every pore,
    I don’t run to find any shelter at all,
    But stand still with my head raised saying let it fall,
    The storms eye had caught me in it’s gaze,
    I lapped up the energy as it rolled me sending my
    Mind into a craze,
    But then it stopped and the sun made an appearance,
    I felt a bit shocked by the storms sudden disappearance ,
    But then I looked around me and everything was dry,
    Like there never was a storm that came passing by,
    I was all in my head there was no storm at all,
    The realisation of which made my head spin and I began
    To fall,
    I woke about two hours later,
    Stood up brushed myself off and for my empty stomach
    I strolled off home to cater.
    Anthony Mc Gann: 3/10/2016.

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