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    Energy, without it we stand still,
    A lack of it we lose our will,
    There are many sources from which
    To acquire this essential need,
    It can take many forms on which to feed,
    My access comes in the form of waves
    Of different shapes and sizes,
    The bearers of which have many guises,
    Animate, inanimate, solid or fluid, it matters
    Not to me,
    All I know is I can feel it no matter where
    I may be,
    The flux required in order make it flow,
    Is an understanding of what makes us grow,
    The connection we have to everything
    That is living,
    Enables us to combine with them and to
    Share there source which is forever giving,
    To do this you go into a trance and it feels
    Like you are ├Čn flight,
    But you are standing very still and can’t
    Move try as you might,
    Then you enter a world of subliminal weightlessness with no sense of fear,
    And it feels so much like home it brings
    On a tear,
    You enjoy this coming together so much
    You want to tell the world,
    But when you open your eyes your just lying there all snuggled and curled,
    You get up and wonder about what has just
    Happened you feel so alive,
    So you walk on home and to fulfil your destiny
    You strive.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 1

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