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    Autumn Colour-
    We are always enchanted by the colours
    That nature bestows on us,
    Each season in turn has it’s particular blend
    Which in turn effects our mood without fuss,
    I know that summer is the season that gives
    Us the outburst and a sparkling array,
    That everyone enjoys and with it the sun
    Can sometimes shine all day ,
    But the season that brings more joy to me
    And I say this from the bottom of my heart,
    Autumn for me is the most stupendous
    Right from the very start,
    With pastel colours of yellow and red
    Fading into orange and brown,
    As the leaves from the trees flow like poetry
    When they lose there grip and come falling down,
    The days are short I know and the suns arc
    Is low in the sky,
    With a northerly air flow cutting your extremities as you walk to the shop to buy,
    Your daily needs to try and keep out the cold,
    Or maybe it’s because I’m getting too old,
    Nevertheless a look around me to gaze at autumn’s palette and give thanks for the joy it brings,
    I am just so glad to be here and so grateful for that and a lot of other things,
    There is never a reason for one to feel down,
    For nature gives us an almighty crown .
    Anthony Mc Gann. 29/11/2016. 10.57am.

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