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    Bi- Polar;
    Opposite ends, which end? Well that depends,
    on the weather, your brain is a feather,
    the slightest breeze and your off ! Your mind is aloft,
    your body a pigeon, you’ve got no religion,
    Where did I leave my keys ?
    Someone help me please !
    One of those days, to have a diary it pays,
    she’s getting on my tits, I’ll scrawb her face to bits,
    that bastered over there, the one with the oily hair,
    That bitch, I’ll throw a frog into her lap and call her a witch,
    who does fuck face think she is, in hells kitchen she’d be the biz,

    Then to calm down, lose the frown,
    Straighten up, chin up, chest out,
    Best biv and tuc and out you go,
    Going to and fro in a positive state of mind,
    just nobody get in my way,
    Coz I’m here to stay, behind me all is lost and broken,
    But listen up I have spoken.

    Anthony Mc Gann .

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