Star Gazer

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    Star Gazer;
    Self praiser, far from being a hell raiser, the opposite in fact, I assure you it’s not an act,
    He believes through a brief encounter he had, on taking an LSD tab he was surely glad, he believes that the answer lies out there among the stars, because the epic bright light we encounter on passing is a star, not all stars are the same, we know this from Hubble, there it goes bursting another bubble,

    But not so, it just confirmed what I already knew, these orbs of light are only visible to the few, in our atmosphere, invisible in space I fear, the keepers of our solar system, each part integral for the function of the whole, each with a unique wavelength, well bless my soul,
    Where do they dwell I hear you ask,
    To find the answer to that was my task,
    Dark matter, they don’t need Air or food and are way ahead of the game,
    We are merely pawns put here as part of the master plan, to see if we could thrive,
    But by the time we are finished there will be nothing left alive,
    Car 54 where are you?

    Anthony Mc Gann.

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