Birdsong and Horizons

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    Birdsong and Horizons;
    Spring mornings, low lying clouds,
    the sun is rising,
    waves as they loop washing across the shore ,
    like the sound of the wind,
    Boats anchored in the bay, waiting for the day,
    anchor away we’re setting sail,
    North by northwest over far horizon,
    Were heading for the trade winds,
    To take us on our way, who’s to say,
    Where we will find a port, did you get the weather report ?
    Sitting back, dolphins chasing the bow,
    Albatross gliding crossing the stern,
    The ocean has us in its palm,
    The surface like glass the swell nice and calm,
    The wind not blowing but whistling,
    A tune from South Pacific, terrific,
    The sun beaming down, wearing its crown,
    Yellow and orange and pink and green,
    Where have you been ?
    This is eternity where the sun never sets,
    All that goes is plain sailing to horizons new,
    to the sounds of the millions of birds, symphonies of pure magic,
    The meaning of this defies logic,
    To one of your sides, the other side knows there’s nowhere you can hide,
    All you do is believe, instead of laughing up your sleeve.

    Anthony Mc Gann
    16/5/24. 17.38.

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