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    Working class woes;-
    From my head to my toes, round my neck was tied a yoke, let me tell you, it’s no joke, from the age of ten, I remember when, I started work for a pittance, then to be told good riddance, went to tech for a cert to work at a trade, I left with my cert thinking I had it made, I worked and I toiled for the minimum wage, I was just fourteen years of age, half of it was taken by tax and contributions, I needed to find some kind of solution, but my efforts were wasted, as the bittersweet realisation of my place in society I tasted, born on the wrong side of the track, a place where your always watching your back, violence was an every day occurrence from either friend or foe, to every doctor I had to go, constant pain in my gut, I knew there was no way out of the rut, in the end they cut open my belly, for weeks after I couldn’t walk and my legs were like jelly, but it didn’t end there, as it turned out they didn’t care, they left something inside me when they were stitching me up, it didn’t matter to them I was just a young pup, back to the theatre they cut me open again and I lost two feet of my intestine, the surgeon was just a bleeding swine, even to this day I suffer from their folly, but it doesn’t stop me from being jolly, as I have a Strength that was handed down, sometimes I cry the tears of a clown, so to end this rhyme I bid thee farewell , if you have a suggestion, please pray tell.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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