Little red Robin

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    Little red Robin;-
    He keeps Bob Bob bobbin along, day after day the price I would pay, just to hear it say, greetings spirt how is your day? I would say hey, hang on there little bird, is it true what I just heard, move over I’m coming inside, all I want is somewhere to hide, talk to me like lovers do, you know the speak because you flew, into my heart one summers morn, not long after I was born, your song, it never change, or even rearrange, except to listen then wait, a moment or two then shiver, right up your spine, its maybe time to shine, but stay with me every time, oh you bringer with the sublime, don’t be late or hesitate , when I call be there, something to share to whisper, I sing for you, just you, one of the few, to take that step and over, take sight of the fields of clover while you fall , I’m just a ball, rolling like you, in and out , up and down , but keep open your door, to say welcome and come on in, it’s been a long time, where have you bin.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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