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    Hello my name is bunzle, I don’t fit in,
    Sometimes I hate the skin I’m livin in,
    Grew up on the estates, made it back from the gates,
    Scars and shelters, helter skelter,
    Who’s to blame for I carry the shame,
    Of being who I am, yes, I carry a can,
    Belts and welts, bruises and thick lip,
    In this town you kick from the hip,
    Bush whackers, bullies, brats, and cats, some were fat,
    This and that, attitude of hate with nothing but hurt to do,
    Hang on a minite there’s a hole in my shoe,
    All i needed was a trip to the menders,
    This head didn’t come with fenders,
    Hang on, I’ll talk my way out of this shit,
    The aggressor has come from the bottomless pit,
    So having a go was the only way out,
    A bit of a wrestle and a roust about,
    The digs were flyin, my innocence was dyin,
    Help me please my bull within, this is one we can win,
    Temper, Temper, I lost it that day, leaving the demon to cry,
    Waving bye bye, I went on my way, on that subject ,
    I have no more to say.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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