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    No woman in my ear;
    Have no fear, let me make it clear,
    Women work miracles bringing babies into the world, no greater sight to see,
    With all respect, love comes into it with all its colours, no greater joy, is it a girl ?
    Is it a boy ? Oh such joy,

    But then let’s be honest , sometimes role reversal, there’s no rehearsal, if the trousers fit ! Then wear them, criticises your every move, sorry sorry always sorry, always in the wrong !
    Love has many faces, some good some bad, all your guna hear is the immortal words “ Get on with it “ fuck this shit, I’m outa here, see you in eternity my dear, but then you got the kids, you’re seed, you’re heart bleed,
    Destiny sez , you Gota make peace ,
    There’s no release, eat of the pie humble, repeating the words,
    Mustn’t grumble.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    30/04/24. 04.14.

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